How I Would Channel Enthusiasm for the Coffeegram

A couple of days ago I was on TikTok, and I stumbled across a small business called Cafe Emporos. The founder, Ruben Trujillo, had made a video describing his most recent product, the coffeegram.

In the video, he explains how a coffeegram is a card that you can design with pictures and words, but when you tear off the top of the card you see inside is a small coffee pouch designed perfectly for a quick and easy cup of drip coffee.

The pouch itself is enough to make you automatically interested. But the idea of sending a cup of coffee to your loved ones far away is a heartwarming thought in these isolated times. These eco-friendly pouches are small enough to fit inside the decorated cards without looking bulky, but when you pull it out it automatically transforms within seconds.

The idea is beyond clever, it’s genius. And with a little assistance in marketing and design, this product could be a game-changer.

These were the thoughts running through my head as I watched this short TikTok. If this video, which appeared to be recorded on a phone with no professional assistance, had gone viral, the demand must be very high. Which it was! The feedback he was receiving was incredibly positive. Everybody loved it!

People, including myself, were flocking to buy coffeegrams. However, I noticed when I went to search for the site, the landing page for coffeegrams was slightly underwhelming, which is common for a small business.

Their company website was good but I noticed when people search for coffeegrams it doesn’t bring them directly there. It brings you to a white page with very little design.

Considering the majority of the hype was centered around these coffeegrams and not

necessarily the company itself, I decided they could benefit a lot from a product landing page.

Building the Landing Page

So I got started, providing quick beneficial information as to what the product is at the top of the page. Then I added a “shop now” tab that’s linked to their checkout site. Without access to their information, I couldn’t fully set up a shop on the website I created, but that’s what I would have done ideally. Instead, I made a mock-up of what it would look like all laid out.

Next, I added a short video that I got from their website. It goes into greater depth about exactly what the coffee pouches are. Just in case someone still wasn’t quite sure what the product was, or maybe they just wanted to learn more.

A large majority of their pictures were copyrighted so I wasn’t able to add them to the site, but I added pictures in place to show you what it would look like. Then just to keep things simple and short, I added a subscription option in the footer.

This could be used for email campaigns or for even a blog newsletter. They currently don’t have a blog but I think it would be a great addition to their site by gathering a broader audience. Especially considering there’s already a great interest in the product. A blog newsletter would help channel that interest into recurring sales.

Then as a final addition to the landing page, I added a couple of Cafe Emporos’ social networks (including TikTok). I definitely think with a little polishing this could be a great addition to their company.

You can view the landing page I created here!

Facebook Ads

My next move was to check their social media accounts to see if they had a large following, and to my surprise, their following was quite low.

So I created a Facebook ad that they could use across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. This is a way they could grow their following, as well as drive sales.

In the ad I created, I wanted the main purpose to be giving a coffeegram as a gift for the holidays. So that’s what I focused the copy around. I kept the audience fairly broad considering most everyone celebrates the holidays in some form.

I created one of the more basic forms of ads but there are plenty of ways Cafe Emporos could go with it. Including Instagram stories, posts, or even TikTok ads considering that’s where their largest following is.

You can check out this short Loom video I made for a quick overview of how I created the entire project!

I love this product and would love to see it succeed in every way. I hope that steps like these will increase awareness and sales for Cafe Emporos!

Hello! I’m 18 and I love to read, draw, and play the piano.